Ivan Bono was born in Piedmont in 1973. He moves from painting to sculpture to music with natural ease. A little more than a child at home of friend and sculptur Urano Palma he meets Mario Schifano, who fascinates him with his aggressive way of painting that will characterize his way of making art. From 2001 he attends the groups of young artists from Germany, France, Denmark and Netherlands, where he refines and matures pictorial and creative experiences.
In 2005 he is invited to the exhibition of modern art at Paris, for 2012 Olympic Bid and  the following year he moves to London where different works born with the applications of metal grids to symbolize the decadence of modern society.
Back to Italy Ivan starts the emotional cycle, where colour is mixed and shaded directly on canvas with a technique developed in previous years.
From now on Ivan shows in major exhibitions with great critical acclaim and sales.
Since the early graffiti and mural paintings to the wool canvas, prices have seen a relentless rise and contacts started with international museums for exposure and acquisition of Ivan works.
Ivan Bono works, citizen of the world, with studio in Rovasenda, tell from the deep about that wild and primeval energy which well represents Ivan spirit: “Creating is an instinctive need for me, almost primeval. I have to follow it and make it immediately concrete expressing the emotion, without any delay. Then, when I finish my work, I leave everything as it is. I have no second thoughts. If the day after I don’t like my work, I destroy it, and I never modify it, never!”
So we see the bright reds almost flowing blood, sharp blacks lighted and dazzled by icy sharp blades. Esoteric signs and ancient scriptures are impressed on canvas in order to show universally his own message.
So Wild Canvas…enough wild to represent his world.
Ivan uses to create everything that the world doesn’t want anymore, dismisses: wood, iron, cloth and wool, glues, silicones, glasses, tars, enamels.
Ivan smells, caresses the material and then he reassembles, mends, stratifies or reduces to shreds.
Never quiet, never satisfied, he lets the music, classic or rock, to support its creative act.
Not at all drawn in the role of the famous artist, even if the international and Italian  critics are creating a prestigious contacts network, Ivan Bono is a simple and easy person, whom having a chat is a great pleasure: “It has been a travel to link me forever to art. In 2003, only for learning, I lived in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm. I was a guest of street artists and social centers, of common people, people from Lofoten islands or Andenes fishermen, I left everywhere a part of me: the first iron sculptures, the enormous graffiti on Kaart Cultural Circle walls in Hamburg and all sizes drawings sold on the street.
In Barcelona born a wood lamp “ Eyelid” and the armchair “Wacca”.
In 2006 Ivan is back in London, as “Leevan”, and his works are in numerous art galleries in West Ham.
In 2007, the golden year, Ivan exposes to Parma, Ferrara, Riccione, Forlì and Padova Modern and Contemporary Art Fairs.
He works for CVB Gallery in Newyork and Saatchi Gallery in London, then important museums in Seattle, Luxembourg, etc…

In 2008 Ivan is one of the six artists invited to the Milan Tourism International Fair.

The following years see Ivan participating to many different Exhibitions organized by International and National Art Galleries: La Spezia international Modern and Contemporary Art Fair, and his works have been acquired by Meeting Art Auction House.

In 2011 Ivan receives new important  National and International confirmations thanks to the acquisition by the Sciortino Contemporary and Modern Art Museum of Palermo of the work  “Der Suchende” and thanks to the award of the paint “Yellow Net” during the Tokyo International Award.

In summer 2011 a new sculptural installation, Ivan gives his art to Neptune with a rock and iron sculpture placed at 15mt depth in Byron Cave in the Mediterranean Sea, Portovenere, Cinqueterre.

In the last months of 2011 Ivan starts a new project with the brilliant cooperation with ARTETIVU’, which sees him protagonist of a Art Gallery Orler new chapter, dedicated to Emerging Talents  (http://www.artetivulab.com/).

To see Ivan performance in Artetivu’: http://youtu.be/1QgC1sNixhU

Previous Exhibitions: Turin, Milan, Newyork, London, Paris, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Berlin, Ferrara, Forlì, Parma, Genoa, Tokyo, Perugia, Rome, Palermo, Vercelli, Alba, Parma, Riccione, Padova.

Permanent works present in: Biennale Lecce, Seattle Fine Art Museum, Museo di Arte Modena e Contemporanea Sciortino di Palemo, CVB Gallery New York, Fondazione Banca Sella, Palazzo Ducale di Revene (Mantova), Saatchi Gallery London, Galleria Via dei mercati Vercelli, Alba Gallery, Galleria la Telaccia, Artetivu’…